Medicines, Handicrafts and Watercolors with Native Plants

           The plants and fungus around us are all full of unique life histories. Some of these tales include fascinating and strange uses – such as the bark of redwood trees being good for making rope, or the redwood cones being good for making natural dyes, or lichens that are antimicrobial and make for good band aids… in this camp kids will get to explore the forest in an Ethnobotanical fashion – discovering how plants and other forest items have been used creatively for many generations. Children will get to leave with their own jar of herbal medicine along with many fresh and dried herbs responsibly collected on our explorations!

Materials fee $12.00.

Session III - July 3rd - 7th

~ 4 – 7 Yrs. Old ~
~ 8 – 12 Yrs. Old  ~


Cool Down: Swimming Holes, Creek Walks, and Arboretum Exploration

           As the summer carries on and the temperatures rise, we all need some good time around water. What better way to stay cool than to jump in mysterious, fern laden swimming holes and walk up rocky creeks searching for crystals and giant salamanders, and little flecks of golden rock floating through the water! Camp will include learning about the plants and animals of the area, along with some wilderness self reliance skills.

Session IV - July 10th - 14th

~ 4 – 7 Yrs. Old ~
~ 8 – 12 Yrs. Old  ~


Wild Artisans: Pottery, Weaving, Painting, and Jewelry Making in the Forest

      What can we possibly make today! We will experiment with this question through many fun, hands on, free creativity activities where children will have the opportunity to learn real skills from experienced teachers, and have the opportunity to let their own hands and minds guide their creativity and see what happens. Camp will include lots of playtime and exploration in nature, and crafts will happen in a clear, shady spot. Children get to take home all of their artistic creations. Materials fee $20.00.

Session V- July 17th - 21st

~ 4 – 7 Yrs. Old ~
~ 8 – 12 Yrs. Old  ~


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Fall '16



2017 summer CAMP OFFERINGS
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Daily :

9:30 – 3:00, Monday – Friday. 

`'` Consecutively from June 19th - July 21st `'`

Each camp is set outside and being in and exploring nature is a part of every camp. 

Max Student to Teacher ratio is 6:1

Due to small size, camps fill very quickly. Please register to reserve your spot.

 [ All Camps Will Be Held On the West Side of Santa Cruz near UCSC.  Exact Locations sent after registration is completed. ]

Camp Descriptions:​​


Forest Wizards: Shelter Building, Tracking, and Awareness

      In this camp students will get to learn how to build survival shelters using all natural materials and techniques ranging from traditional to wacky and innovative, depending on the child’s unique passions. Students will learn the art of following track and sign, understanding animal behavior and our impact on their environment, and how we can become better trackers, stewards, forest walkers, and friends through cultivating our powers of awareness.​


Session I - June 19th - 23rd

~ 4 – 7 Yrs. Old ~
~ 8 – 12 Yrs. Old  ~



Birds: Their Habits, Habitats, and Language!

            In this camp students will get to learn how to use binoculars, field guides, and their powers of observation to learn more about the winged animals of Santa Cruz. We will get to search for nests, listen for baby birds, and maybe even get to see birds up close! Camp will include hiking, journaling, observing, playing, and some serious detective work!​


Session II - June 26th - 30th

~ 4 – 7 Yrs. Old ~
~ 8 – 12 Yrs. Old  ~