The name of our program is Kids in Nature, or KIN. As defined by the Oxford English dictionary, "kin" means, "one's family and relations." At the core of our work with the children we are attempting to cultivate a sense of kinship with the world and all of its inhabitants. 


This program began in Fall of 2013 when two parents of Kindergartners decided they wanted better, more holistic care for their children than the conventional standard. They wanted their children to be moving around, exploring, and growing through participation in their after care, rather than being inside of a portable building for several more hours each day.

The program began with just two kids enrolled. Today, those same two parents are still advisors to the program with Kate Jaffe as the Executive Director steering the program's mission and pedagogical, or educational, goals.


​Our program is fully licensed and insured and employs only the most responsible, talented and experienced leaders in the area as its teachers. 

K​  I​  N

"A touch of Nature makes the

whole world kin."

- William Shakespeare

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