"His knowledge is very impressive; every week he mentions new plants. Tonight he taught us to identify rattlesnake grass and California poppies. Not only does he recognize the plants, but he can articulate with great precision the characteristics behind his identification, based on color, size, texture, etc. It is very impressive indeed! (Age 4 ½!!). The artifacts are also important: for example the chimes are hanging on our main door, and I expect they will be there for years to come. It was also a Show and Tell at school. And story telling is similarly influential: I love how he tells us of the animal characters that populate his excursions.

He also learned to walk!!! We were in Grand Canyon and he walked way more than I had ever hoped – I attribute this to his practice in Forest School. This is just the tip of the iceberg – there is so much more. The museums visits also left a mark of course."


-Eleanora P, Mother

" I just want to extend the biggest gratitude for the program you are all offering. The joy and excitement and groundedness of Isaiah when I picked him up each day was amazing. I can tell he felt safe, cared for, learned a lot and had a ton of fun!! I’m not sure exactly what you do, but it is clear that there is intention and connection in your work, and as a parent I can see it in my child and I am grateful. "

Osha M., Mother

K​  I​  N

I started my daughter in the kindergarten program this year.  It is the center of her weekly universe.  She has SO much fun.  She is now telling me the name of plants, birds, mushrooms, butterflies, etc.  And her artistic skills have improved with the drawing  and painting of the bird of the day. When I pick her up, she is so happy and fulfilled.  Thank you!

- Marilee W, Mother

"My son is in the kindergarten group.  At first I worried it would be too long for him, but he can't get enough.  He always comes home with a backpack full of acorns and a story about a new bird or edible plant.  Also, Kate is great.  I wish I could go to Kids in Nature!"

- Tesla P., Mother

I would love to give feedback from my son. He has been in your program for one year and comes home describing a new adventure every week. On the weekend, he enjoys showing us some of the new places he has discovered in class, which are often new for us as well! He also loves "bird of the day" where he can learn about and draw new bird species. 

- Lara W, Mother



"Hi KIN Team,

All I have to say is, “WOW”!!!  I can’t believe how incredible this experience has been (summer camp —> after school care).

{My daughter} has developed an awareness I’ve always dreamed of, and I wanted you to know how grateful we are for this.  A couple days ago she was able to identify what kind of bird we heard while on a hike, and today she was drawing with charcoal from our outdoor oven (despite having sidewalk chalk available to her).  Additionally, she has called our path through the weeds in our front yard a ‘deer path’  [😆] .
I hope you often receive praise from other parents, and I hope this will add to that.   If not, please know we are so grateful for the work you are putting into the program, and the enrichment it is brining to the lives of the children."

- Courtney, Mother

"Our son has participated in the Kids in Nature program for several months. We are thrilled with the program.   He is in Kindergarten and I was nervous about signing him up for such a long day; I needn’t be.  The counselors are warm and supportive,  making real connections with each child.  I love knowing that he is out there in a natural environment, exploring and investigating in a holistic and natural setting. He is excited about the natural world and he is happy."

​Jennifer J., Mother

"The earth is what we all have in common."

-Wendell Berry

"I've noticed that my daughter enjoys the program very much, and our discussions after pickup about her "school day" often focuses first on The Forest School before it does on what she did in kindergarten. She does talk about the animals, insects and plants she learns about, and she also enjoys discussion about the magical parts of being outdoors. She's not taught fairies are real, per se, but she's not told that they don't exist either when she talks about them. She's taught about observation and the wonders of the outdoors. As a parent, I appreciate that."


Marc D, Father



"... My child has increased his enthusiasm about going to school (Forest School days especially,) and his overall confidence level. This was very noticable given that he has quite a shy disposition. He is also much more interested in nature and the world around him, as evident by his constant questions and many "I know about ____" statements. He now has a stronger sense of ownership and comfort with the outdoors, which is so wonderful to see." 

 -Brise, Mother