We would love to have you join us!

We have opportunities for jobs, internships, paid trainings for teaching teacher workshops, and volunteer-ships. 

See below to find the information you are looking for.

To read our formal Job Description, click the photo below.

Job Applications:
If you are interested in our Job application process, please be sure to read our full job description (by clicking the photo to the left.)

Then, follow this link to complete our Applicant Intake Form 


We may have limited-to-no openings available at the time of your email, but we are always excited to take applications, and will get in touch with you when we do have openings!

Ideal applicants are capable of sight-ID of Santa Cruz's most common plants and animals, studied in ecology, natural history, or environmental education, have minimum one years' experience in in-the-field outdoor education, have a Wilderness First Aid Certificate, are familiar with the trails of UCSC, have a clean record, and are exuberant, silly, creative, and work well in a family style work environment.
Bonus points if you have done Natural History Field Quarter or studied Environmental Interpretation!

Internship/Volunteer Applications:
Internship inquiries can be sent to our Assistant Director, Kyla, at kidsinnature.office@gmail.com
Interns do not require previous experience, and are never responsible for or alone with a group.

We would love to have you join us and gain real job skills and experience in a supportive environment!

Volunteers are welcome as long as they are able to provide one professional reference, and recognize that they will not be permitted to be alone with any students, at any time.

Lead a Teacher Development Training:
We are always open to discovering new skilled folks in the community who can help our staff develop more skills and knowledge to pass on to their students. We have a budget to pay Development Training Instructors, so please send an email to 

Kyla : kidsinnature.office@gmail.com if you feel you have something to share!

Particular areas of interest:

- Local geology

- Local Hydrology

- Ethnobotany

- Positive Discipline/ Peacemaking

- Developmental Psychology

- Animal Tracking

- Indigenous History/Present - Acts of resistance/resilience

- Natural History in general

- Arts and Crafts that can be done by 5-11 year olds in the field