Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to sign up for all 5 days or can I sign up for just one?

- Parents may sign their children up for as many days as they would like. We have had several children participate 5 days a week for 2 years and still love and benefit from the program. For many families, only one day a week works best. Space permitting, all options are available to suit your individual needs.

What do the children do when it is rainy and very cold?

- While it is our goal to teach the children how to take care of themselves in all sorts of weather, their health and safety is our utmost concern. We do ask families to dress their children appropriately for the weather as we will still go for walks on misty days or days with intermittent rain. On inclement weather days we will take advantage of the amazing museums (UCSC Natural History Museum) and other cozy nooks for art projects.

Do I have to send my child with food or is it provided?

- All children must be sent with adequate snacks for their appetite and the time period along with a refillable water container. Teachers will not be providing snack to any students. We do kindly ask that the snacks packed are healthy and will provide energy to your child but do not regulate what is packed.

What do  I have to pack for my child?

- Please pack your child with layers appropriate for the weather that day, a lunchbox with snacks or lunch for the Kids in Nature Program, and a refill-able water bottle. Optional materials: binoculars, field guides, field journals, art supplies.

Does my child need to have any previous experience to participate?

- Nope! All children are invited and welcome. We build a very inclusive and welcoming culture, our students are excited about new children joining because they want to teach them all of the things they have learned so far.

Do I have to commit to the entire year?

- We do informally ask for a long term commitment - as the program is best for the children and for the group as a whole if they get to experience the entire arc of the year together. However, life is unpredictable and needs change and we understand that. There is nothing binding you to your enrollment and students are welcome to join part way through the year as well.

We also offer try-it classes where new students can try participating for a few days before committing to the program. Please talk to our Director to learn more about trying it out.

My child does not attend Westlake Elementary School, can they still be a part of the program?

- Yes. We try to accommodate the broader community. If your child is home-schooled or attends a different school from Westlake Elementary please contact us about openings in our KIN Community Program. Direct classroom pick-up is only available at Westlake Elementary, but Community Program gets to adventure in many different locations on the Westside!

How do I pay for the program?

- Once you are registered you will be sent an electronic invoice by email, at the beginning of each month via Square.