Welcome to this page! We are excited to have you. Below is a work-in-progress resource for the community. We are hoping to create access to anyone curious to learn more about the biology and history of local features.

I remember when I first visited Westlake Pond - I always thought it was a man-made feature. I was living in a house with a stream running through it just below the pond. I know that when we dug in the dirt for our garden, we were digging through layers of old shells, but didnt ask many more questions about how the pond had such a constant stream of runoff and how those shell layers got there, so deep in the soil. Years of learning more about the area have really opened up my understanding and deepened my curiosity.

Our hope in publishing this is to foster a similar joy, connection to, and curiosity about these places!

 Natural and Cultural History Field Guide


​To the Karst-Spring-Fed Waterway, Westlake Pond